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Break the silence

One of the biggest challenges we face to stop bullying is to break the silence in which both victims and witnesses live. Fear of retaliation and losing popularity are the biggest causes of young...

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From students, for students

Today we want to introduce one of our favorite antibullying initiatives: Project Anti-Bully. Why we love it? Because it is “run by students for students, raising awareness of the prevalence of bullying in schools...

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Check the Youtube channel!

Did you know ARBAX has its very own Youtube channel? There you can check the lastes videos and scenarios in the project. Subscribe now! @Arbaxproject ‪#‎xenophobia‬ ‪#‎bullying‬

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Racial discrimination. A major cause of bullying.

U.S. Department of Education marks of what the most frequent targets of school bullying are. Children with disabilities and homosexual occupy the top positions followed by racial discrimination.  Skin color, cultural or religious background...

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Four tips to prevent school bullying

The most common scenario of child molestation are primary schools. What can teachers do to prevent bullying at school? –  Create an anti-violence decalogue involving every student on the developing –  Establish a fluent...

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